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Beads Sew Along - Week 3

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Hi friends,

We are moving on along through our blocks as we begin week three of the Beads Sew Along!

This week we start sewing our Diamond blocks, these are the blocks that are the trickiest as far as getting directional fabric lined up for cutting, but quite easy and fun to sew up.

Beads Quilt Sew Along Week 3 -

If you are just getting started - check out these posts to plan out your project, cut out your fabrics and the first Beads blocks. 

    Week 3: 10 Diamond Blocks

    This week we will begin sewing our first set of 10 Diamond blocks.
    Beads Quilt Sew Along Week 3 -

    Each Diamond Block requires 1 square (Diamond) and 2 background squares. 

    Begin by cutting your background squares in half diagonally from point to point to create 4 triangles. 

    Place 2 triangles along two opposite sides of your diamond block, centering, pin in place and sew. If it helps to press the middle point of the triangle with your finger to get a good center point for lining up - do what works best for you. There will be some overhang on each side of the diamond block.

    I chose to press my seams to one side, but you can definitely press your seams open if you like. 
    Beads Quilt Sew Along Week 3 -

    I also found that chain piecing my blocks as I went to work out nicely as well. 

    Add your second set of triangles along the opposite sides of your square and repeat the steps. 
    Beads Quilt Sew Along Week 3 -

    At your cutting mat you are going to want to trim your block down to the finished size. 

    Lining up two points of your diamond on the mat, and use a ruler to measure and trim excess from the first side - leaving 1/4" of your background fabric visible at each point of your diamond. Do the same for the other sides. 

    I love this particular ruler for quick and easy cutting on my blocks - the half sizes along two sides and then the whole sizes along the other sides make for a great multi-purpose ruler! 
    Beads Quilt Sew Along Week 3 -

    Fabrics I am using for my quilt are from the Darlings 2 line by Ruby Star Society - available now in stores!

    This Weeks Giveaway! 

    Beads Quilt Sew Along Week 3 with

    Week 3 Giveaway!

    This weeks giveaway is a fun pattern set and a set of two glue applicator tips by Pen and Paper Patterns!

    Lindsey is the maker behind Pen + Paper Patterns and I am SUCH a huge fan of her amazing quilts! Her designs are fun, detailed and I am just amazed at her endless supply of creativity! I am also a big fan of her new glue applicator tips. They screw right onto a bottle of washable elmers glue and are perfect for an alternative to pinning your blocks for perfect sewing! I used these on an example of gluing on the half circle block video in the pattern.


    • Post a pic to Instagram. Share a photo of your fabric pull, your planning process or even all of your fabrics cut up and ready to go! Use #BeadsSAL in the caption. 
    • You must have a public profile to participate. 
    • Each photo posted is an entry to win, so enter as many times as you like! Photos from the current week count, we start fresh every week for chances to win. 
    • Winner will be chosen randomly - and all are welcome to enter!

    Congrats to week 2 winner: @jrmagers

    Thanks for joining in friends and I am excited to see your Diamond blocks this week!

    Happy Sewing, 


    Beads Quilt Sew Along Week 3 with
    Beads Quilt Quilt Pattern Ruby Star Society Sew Along Work in progress

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