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Snowalong Weeks 6 - 7 - 8

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Hi friends, 

Long time no talk! I am so sorry for leaving you all hanging the past two weeks on the Snowalong, long story short.... I got quite sick, had to quarantine away from my family and am behind on life in general. 

Good news is I am feeling SO much better, I am now back with my family and I can finish off the Snowalong with you all!

Since I was missing in action for the last two weeks, I decided to just consolidate the past two weeks with this final week into one blog post. 

If you are just now joining in on the fun - you can access the previous weeks posts here:

Snowalong Weeks 6-7-8 -

Since we are combining the remaining weeks here as a catch up I will go over each of the blocks we are making to finish each quilt up.


Week 6 - 7 - 8: Snowflake Quilt / Blocks 16 - 20

It is technically week 8 of the Snowalong and we are sewing all of our blocks together to finish our quilt tops. I can't leave out the past two weeks completely because we got so much work done!

In week 6 we worked on blocks 16 - 17 and week 7 we finished the last three blocks 18 - 19 - 20/

I was able to finish up my quilt top the other night and am so pleased with how the buffalo check pattern turned out!

Snowalong Weeks 6-7-8 -
Snowalong Weeks 6-7-8 -
Snowalong Weeks 6-7-8 -

Week 6 - 7 - 8: Asterisks Quilt / Blocks D - C - B - A

To play catch up, here we have our week 6 blocks - D C (bottom), and our final blocks for week 7 - B A (bottom).

Snowalong Weeks 6-7-8 -

I loved finishing up this quilt top last night and I only had to pull my seam ripper out once! I thought I had the layout right until things started looking really weird, I realized I connected two of the blocks at the top incorrectly, luckily I caught it quickly and fixed it before I had the entire quilt top together. 

Snowalong Weeks 6-7-8 /
Snowalong Weeks 6-7-8 /

Thank you so much for sewing along with me over the past couple of months!

I had the most fun connecting with you all on this year's Snowalong. Chatting with you over on Instagram and in the Facebook group was a real treat and I loved seeing all of your amazing work and how you took the pattern and really made it your own!

Now that it is time to quilt our finished quilts up - don't forget about some amazing longarm discounts offered for the Snowalong. I am working on a list of quilting designs, and ways I have quilted Snowflake and Asterisks quilts on my own home machine. I hoped to have this all ready for you guys, but with my illness things really took a back seat. I hope to have a blog post later sharing all of that info with you all, in case you are looking for some ideas on how to quilt your project. 

Thank you again, and I am looking forward to our next sew along together!

Happy sewing, 



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