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Snowalong Week 5

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Hi friends,

Welcome to week 5 of the Snowalong! We are well on our way to a finished quilt top in less than 3 weeks now - perfect timing for snuggling up on the colder days or wrapping up for a Holiday present.

You can find the first few blog posts for the Snowalong here:

Snowalong Week 5 -

I am impressed with everyones work so far - the creativity on the fabric combinations and layouts is amazing!

Snowalong Week 5 -

Week 5: Snowflake Quilt / Blocks 14 - 15

Snowalong Week 5 -

This week is another easy week on the Snowalong - we just have two blocks to complete: Blocks 14 - 15. I went ahead and finished off the first three completed columns by sewing them together. This not only keeps me a little better organized. but I am now so much closer to finishing my quilt top!

Snowalong Week 5 -

If you are working on a buffalo plaid layout like I am, be careful to not let the layout on these two blocks trick you. Just looking at this it seems off - like I am missing a black square on that front block layout - the snowflake covers some of these parts but will completely make sense once you have the blocks laid out with all of the others. 

Week 5: Asterisks Quilt / Blocks F E (bottom)

Snowalong Week 5 -

This week on the Asterisks quilt we also only have two blocks: Blocks F E (bottom).

Snowalong Week 5 -

What to expect in Week 6

Next week is the official "busy season" for making for the holidays so having just a few blocks left to sew up to finish our quilt tops is perfect!

I am going to start making a list of Longarm quilting designs that look great on the Snowflake quilt - if you have had one quilted or know of a pattern leave a comment below letting us know the name of the pattern!

Be sure to tag your projects using #snowalong on social media or add your progress photos to the Modern Handcraft Pattern Group page on Facebook - everyone is so encouraging and it's so fun to see all of the different ways to make the pattern!

Modern Handcraft Patterns Group / Facebook

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving week with your family and friends. 

Happy sewing!


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