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Snowalong Week 3

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Hi friends, 

Welcome if you are just now hopping on board, we are starting our third week here on the Snowalong and are making some great strides - we are at our halfway point!

You can find the first few blog posts for the Snowalong here:

Snowalong Week 3 -

Since we are at the halfway point on both quilts you are really starting to get a great idea of what your finished project is going to look like!

The snowflake image really starts to emerge and you have some fun blocks this week. The Asterisks quilt finally has a complete "snowflake".

Snowalong Week 3 -

Week 3: Snowflake Quilt / Blocks 9 - 10 - 11

Snowalong Week 3 -

This week on the Snowflake quilt we have three blocks to complete: Blocks 9 - 10 - 11. It's so fun to have a different design on each block this week - makes it a bit more interesting. It also allows for some opps to happen, so be sure and check the direction of your snowflake pieces and that everything is sewn together correctly.

Snowalong Week 3 -

I am thinking I will start to sew my columns together just to keep it in order a bit better and honestly I'm just really excited to finish this one up!

Week 2: Asterisks Quilt / Blocks F G

Snowalong Week 3 -

This week on the Asterisks quilt it's nice and easy, just two blocks. We finally have a complete Asterisks design or "snowflake" this week!

Snowalong Week 3 -
Snowalong Week 3 -

What to expect in Week 4

In week 4 we will officially have our third column finished on the Snowflake quilt and our third row finished on our Asterisks quilt. If you have the time - I would recommend going ahead and sewing your blocks together so far, and connecting those rows and columns. It will make piecing the rest of the quilt tops together in the final week so much easier!

Remember to take time off as needed or work ahead - this sew along is for you! I'm just here to give you some tips and motivation. 

Be sure to tag your projects using #snowalong on social media or add your progress photos to the Modern Handcraft Patterns Group on Facebook so we can see all of your amazing work!

Happy sewing friends!


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