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Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial

Posted by Nicole Daksiewicz on

Hi friends,

Today I am sharing a fun tutorial that is the perfect size bag to stash your beach gear for the day or let little ones use to collect shells and beach toys (the mesh on the bottom allows the sand to fall right out). 

Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -

Materials needed

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  • Main fabric panel - 1 Fat Quarter
  • Accent fabric - 1 Fat Eighth
  • Ribbon tie - 1 Fat Eighth
  • 1 package of lightweight mesh fabric by Annies - color: Dandelion
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing machine with a zig zag stitch option
  • Large safety pin
  • Iron
  • Optional - fray check

Cutting Directions

Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -
  • Main panel - (2) 6" x 18" rectangles
  • Accent color - (2) 4" x 18" rectangles
Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -
  • Ribbon - cut fat eighth into 3" x 18" strips, sew together and press open seams to create one long strip
Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -
  • Mesh - (2) 14" x 18" rectangles, make sure that the stretch of the mesh is horizontal - running along the 18" side. This will keep the bottom of the bag from stretching when you add items to your bag.

    Sewing Directions

    Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -

    Take 2 sections of accent fabric to iron. Fold over the 4" ends .5" and press, fold again .5" and press. Stitch along the folds to secure.

    Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -
    Fold rectangles in half lengthwise wrong sides together, and press.
    Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -
    Place raw edges of folded fabric along the top of the main panels. Center, there should be equal space on each side. Pin in place to secure. 
    Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -
    Sew along edge with a straight stitch about .5" from edge. Follow back with a zigzag stitch to secure seam and loose threads. Repeat steps for the other half of the bag. 
    Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -
    Fold flap open folding under the zigzag edge. Press in place and top stitch along front to secure. 

    Place bottom of main panel face down along 18" side of mesh. Straight stitch .5" from the edge. Follow back with a zigzag stitch to finish seam. Repeat for other half.
    Fold open and straight stitch along front, securing mesh fold underneath. Repeat for other half. 
    Place both sides together, right sides facing. Clip or pin in place lining up sections. Sew around the perimeter with a straight stitch, following up with a zig zag stitch to secure seams. 
    To make fabric ribbon take your strip measuring 3" x 50"- 60" to your iron. Press in half lengthwise, folding both sides in towards the middle crease and press. Fold in half to finish. 
    At machine stitch along the edge to secure. Clip edges at an angle and treat raw edge with fray check. 
    Pin safety pin to one edge of ribbon. Feed through one side of the top loop, then to the other side meeting both ends at the starting side. 
    Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -
    Tie a knot to secure bag strap.
    Mesh Beach Bag / Tutorial -
    Time to fill up your bag and head to the beach.
    Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, happy sewing friends!
    Beach Bag Summer Tutorial

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    • Where do you buy the mesh for bags great idea and good directions

      Jannie on
    • Can’t wait to make some of these as gifts for a friend with a beach house and several grandkids.

      Jeanne Calkins on

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