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Dot + Dashalong Week 8

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Hi friends and welcome to week 8 - the final week - of the Dot + Dashalong!

Dot + Dashalong Week 8 -

This week we are sewing our longer sashing pieces to join our rows and adding on those final two side borders to have a finished quilt top.

I love this week - it all comes together and now we can start to make a plan on how we want to quilt our masterpiece!

Sew Sashing to Join Rows & Adding Side Borders

Dot + Dashalong Week 8 -

When I start to add my sashing rows I always start with my top row and add sashing to the top and bottom.

Then I like to lay that top row on a table face up and lay my next row face down on top of this row aligning up the block seams. This is the easiest way I have found for getting my blocks to line up perfectly and it’s pretty easy - especially since you are not right up against the other block and have that sashing border in place.

Dot + Dashalong Week 8 -

As you like up your seams pin in place and you will be ready to sew at your machine.

Dot + Dashalong Week 8 -

After each sashing has been sewn to a row I like to take the quilt top to my ironing board and press the seams to one side - totally your preference on if you want to press towards the blocks or towards the sashing.

Dot + Dashalong Week 8 -

Then you can flip it back over, and press from the right side to make sure no extra folds of fabric are hiding under a crease. A light spray of starch is nice for this step too.

Dot + Dashalong Week 8 -

Add on your final side borders and you are done!!!

Finished Quilt Tops

Here’s a sneak peek of my finished quilt tops - from the three Dot + Dash quilts I worked on during the sew along. I will share a post here later today sharing some more photos and then again individually once I have them all quilted up!

Dot + Dashalong Week 8 -

Dot + Dash quilt using Dream by Kristy Lea for Riley Blake Designs.

Dot + Dashalong Week 8 -

Dot + Dash quilt using Twilight by One Canoe Two for Moda Fabrics (Jelly roll / Scrappy version)

Dot + Dashalong Week 8 -

Dot + Dash quilt using More Paper by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics + Black Essex Linen by Robert Kaufman fabrics (Jelly roll / Scrappy version)

A huge thank you to everyone who participated!

Thank you everyone that participated in the Dot + Dashalong, you all really made this such a fun sew along!

I love seeing how you can take a design and truly make it your own with your fantastic fabric choices. I will be keeping all of the sew along info up on my website for future reference if you ever want to make another quilt or are just beginning your project.

Looking forward to our next sew along - the Snowalong that will begin on October 25th!

Happy sewing friends!


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