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Dot + Dashalong Week 7

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Hi friends and welcome to week 7 of the Dot + Dashalong!

Dot + Dashalong Week 7 -

This week we are laying all of our finished blocks out and making our final layout decisions - because it’s time to make some rows!

This week we are adding all of our 10.5” sashing pieces to join our rows together, that means we are almost finished with our quilt tops!

Adding Sashing to Create Rows

Dot + Dashalong Week 7 -

Before you start sewing your blocks together its a good idea to lay out everything and double check your block layout. I have found myself taking a stack of blocks to my sewing machine and just sewing my sashing on later realizing I had a couple of blocks completely out of order and it spoils the fun when you have to get that seam ripper out.

Dot + Dashalong Week 7 -

Now that we have all of our blocks finished up its time to add our sashing. Your blocks should now measure 10.5” square, but pressing to one side or not having an exact .25” seam allowance can make some blocks sizing off a bit. If I end up with a block that is off by just a bit, instead of going in and trimming all of my blocks down I will center that “off block” on the sashing with a correct block. Then when I join my rows the small amount they were off usually evens itself out.

For this particular quilt I ironed my seams to one side so it made a few of them shrink up more than necessary. I took these to my iron and pressed really well with spray starch focusing on making sure my seam allowances were pressed perfectly. Fabric can sometimes want to fold up too soon near a seam and make an unnecessary bubble of fabric.

Dot + Dashalong Week 7 -

Continue to add your sashing to create your rows, before you know it you are done!

Make sure not to add sashing strips to the outside of each row. This will be taken care of next week when we join our rows with our longer sashing pieces and then add our two side border strips.

I am going to pause on adding a Dot + Dashalong Showcase this week because I cannot wait to dazzle you all next week with your incredible finished quilt tops!! Be sure to tag them #dotanddashalong on Instagram so I can find them or share a pic in our Modern Handcraft Patterns group on Facebook!

Happy sewing friends!


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