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Upcoming Sew Along / Snowalong

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Hey friends,

Are you all ready for this year’s winter sew along… ahem, I mean Snowalong?

Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com

This year you get to pick the snow inspired pattern of your choice ( Snowflake or Asterisks ) and follow along for 8 weeks of fun! The Snowalong this year will run from October 25 - December 13th. This will give you a couple of weeks to quilt up your finished quilt top for a holiday gift, or have it completed in time for a cozy winter cover up.

Choosing your quilt pattern

What’s harder than picking out your fabrics - choosing which quilt you would like to sew! This year instead of just the Snowflake quilt, I have added in the option of making the new Asterisks quilt! This one like the Snowflake quilt, comes in several different layouts on how you can create the finished look. Keep reading for a sneak peek at what my plans are for the Snowalong!

Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com

Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com

Snowflake Quilt Pattern

Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com

Asterisks Quilt Pattern

Snowalong Schedule

After you decide what pattern you would like to make during the Snowalong you can follow along with your schedule - below are the schedules for the Snowflake blocks and the Asterisks blocks. I made them a little heavier sewing wise at the front end of the sew along while you have the most momentum!

Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com
Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com

My Snowalong Plans

Since I will be making both quilts along with you all here is my plan for the type of each quilt I am going to sew up! If you remember in previous Snowflake sew along’s I tend to choose a different layout for my Snowflake quilt each year. Previous Snowflake along friends have totally inspired this years look.


Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com

The Buffalo Check look! Part of the fun prepping for the Snowalong is taking advantage of the coloring sheets to plan out your look. You can use one of the three layouts included in the pattern, do a diagonal line pattern like I did a couple of years ago (see below), shrink down your squares to make a wall hanging (see below) or even enlarge them to make a bed size quilt! This year I just had to make the Buffalo Check look that so many of you have made years prior. I will get fabric yardage info to you in an upcoming Snowalong post in case you would like to go the same route.

I mocked this up using Moda Bella solids in Zen Grey / Graphite / Black

Snowflake Coloring Sheet

Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com


Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com

For my Asterisks version I knew for sure that I wanted to create a quilt using white for the asterisks shapes to make them look like snowflakes. I had this black and white version mocked up when I was first designing the pattern but haven’t had a chance to actually create it!

Asterisks Coloring Page

Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com

My friend Dana Willard designed the cutest new line called Peppermint for Figo fabrics this year and I was able to find it online!

I will be using the Twinkle Lights in Black for my background behind solid white stars, and for the backing I chose this fun Garland in Black print. I cannot wait to have this out during the winter this year!

Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com

Additional Info

Modern Handcraft Pattern Group on Facebook

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post! I will be sharing more info on the weekly Newsletters that go out Saturday mornings so be sure to sign up above! Also keep a lookout for an amazing list of shops that are putting together bundles for the Snowflake & Asterisks Quilts!

Happy Sewing!


Snowalong - Modernhandcraft.com
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