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Snowflake Quilt / Scrappy Aqua Version

Posted by Nicole Daksiewicz on

Hi friends,

So I finally finished up this super scrappy version of my Snowflake Quilt and am excited to share it with you today!

Snowflake Quilt / Scrappy Aqua Version -

This one was such a treat to make, using nothing but fabrics from my stash and the scrappy version of the pattern. I love super scrappy quilts like this because you can throw in any fabric design and print as long as it contains the right colors! I chose an aqua blue I had several shades of, light and dark versions of the color really add a fun dimension to the project.

Snowflake Quilt / Scrappy Aqua Version -
Snowflake Quilt / Scrappy Aqua Version -

I chose a nice mix of white and light cream fabric all featuring some sort of black text or print on it - so very low volume, and then chose some aqua prints that all had a similar shade.

The scrappy version of this quilt does take a bit more time because of the smaller piecing and making sure to really have a nice mix up of the fabrics, but I do believe its so worth it! I feel like the snowflake almost looks frozen!

Snowflake Quilt / Scrappy Aqua Version -

For my quilting I chose to do a nice grid pattern going from point to point on the squares. This was easy to do because of the smaller squares - I just went from corner to corner.

My backing was a fantastic fabric I found at Joann - a luxe flannel. I pre-washed it and dried it since flannel is notorious for shrinking up more than quilting cotton so I figured I better be safe than sorry. It washed and dried beautifully and is so thick and soft - really looking forward to using this brand again.

The thickness along with the 100% cotton batting I used made this a perfect winter quilt to snuggle up under.

Snowflake Quilt / Scrappy Aqua Version -

I have made quite a few versions of this quilt so far - I can be a little crazy when it comes to testing my own patterns. I will honestly say though that this one is a personal favorite. My son Grey gets this one since it is extra snuggly and warm, I hope he loves it as much as I loved making it.

Snowflake Quilt / Scrappy Aqua Version -
Snowflake Quilt / Scrappy Aqua Version -

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Snowflake Quilt / Scrappy Aqua Version -
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  • This just catches my eye! Just love your color joice! Thanks for sharing this beautiful 💖

    Charlene K Roof on

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