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Snowflake Quilt Pattern Release Day

Posted by Nicole Daksiewicz on

Hi friends,

The Snowflake quilt pattern is now available in my shop!

Snowflake Quilt Pattern -

We finished the pattern up earlier than scheduled so we thought it might be fun to get it into your hands a week sooner. Snowflake is now available as a PDF download or if you prefer the printed version you can find it here

Snowflake is my take on a modern and minimal winter quilt. There are two ways to assemble this quilt. You can follow along with the larger block assembly style on the 1-color or 4-color version or stay simple with the square and HST scrappy version.

This one is a blast to make, there are a total of 20 blocks and the majority are different so you are constantly sewing something new. So far I have made the 1-color / 4-color and a few different scrappy versions.

Included in the pattern is a coloring sheet that you can print out as many times as you like to plan out your design ideas, a cutting diagram to assist you in cutting your fabrics and printable cutting tags to organize your cut pieces to make prepping each block a breeze.

1-color version

I love how simple the 1-color version can be, I chose to make a simple black and white quilt and my friend Kaitlyn at Knot and Thread Design used her magical quilting skills to do an amazing quilting over the entire quilt. This one is created using a larger block style - instead of all squares and HST I have cutting instructions that minimize the cutting and sewing allowing you a faster finish and less seams. A solid or a very small print works best with this design since the fabric is cut into several different sizes on the backing. You can also make the snowflake on this version scrappy if you want to be a bit more creative with your fabrics.

Snowflake Quilt Pattern -

4-color version

The 4-color version is my take on a classic color block design. Show off your four favorite colors - a holiday palette, an ombré using four shades of a favorite color or four fun prints. This version is also a larger block style - so you will have less cutting and sewing in constructing your quilt.

Snowflake Quilt Pattern -
Snowflake Quilt Pattern -

For this example I chose four of my favorite Kona shades that best reflected my Christmas decor. I use a really bright palette with white so I think this is going to stand out nicely this December. If you like the look of the four different sections but want a more scrappy look - plan out your design by choosing an assortment of scrappy fabrics in each color and make it a scrappy colorblock look! Follow the scrappy sewing instructions along with the coloring page to plan out which blocks will need to be in the correct colorway.

Scrappy Version

This is the version that is perfect for those beginning quilters since it has basic squares and HST, along with those who love a super scrappy look and want to combine all of your favorite fabrics!

I love this quilt because there are so many ways to create something special. You can stick with the 13 FQ the pattern calls for or add more to have a bigger mix of prints. I have made this version with an all white snowflake, but am working on a quilt with a scrappy background and snowflake. For that quilt I am using fabrics right from my stash and just having fun with picking colors that blend together well - can’t wait to share how that one is coming along!

Snowflake Quilt Pattern -

This scrappy version uses a Kona white for the snowflake and Holiday by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics.

Snowflake Quilt Pattern -
Snowflake Quilt Pattern -

This scrappy version is a white bella solids snowflake with a super scrappy assortment of V & Co. Ombré Confetti Metallic. I cut strips from about 26 FQ to achieve this look - using just half of each fabric until I had enough squares. I love how the confetti is heavier on the darker end of the fabric so it almost looks like a blizzard behind the snowflake. 

Fabric Requirements

 Thank you for stopping by today!


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  • I have been wanting to make this quilt since I 1st saw it when you released the pattern. My health has kept me from sewing often but I think I might get to it this year finally. I want to make it in 3 colors/shades of blue. Do you think 1¼ yds of each fabric will be enough to make it if I follow the 1 color method and split the color in 3rds?

    Kera Sherrill on

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