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Pivot Quilt Release Day

Posted by Nicole Daksiewicz on

Hi friends,

I am so excited to share with you my newest modern quilt pattern - Pivot.

Pivot Quilt Pattern - Modernhandcraft.com

This quilt is a fun mashup up curves, half square triangles and an awesome way to make a statement with your favorite color palette.

Pivot Quilt Pattern - Modernhandcraft.com

Click here for an instant PDF Download!

There is no official sew along just yet for the Pivot quilt but I recently added a new Modern Handcraft Patterns group on Facebook! This is a place for us to share our progress, ask questions and a fun place to have live videos for sewing together.

Pivot Quilt Pattern - Modernhandcraft.com

I am labeling this pattern as intermediate, but don’t let that scare you away. Curves are a bit daunting to some quilters only because it seems like such an odd thing to sew the two curve pieces together and make it come out smooth. I promise you it’s quite a bit of fun and addicting! I had a few of my testers who had never sewn curves in their life and you would NEVER know they had just taken the leap!

The video above shares my favorite method of sewing curves using three straight pins. There are some pretty amazing tutorials out there showing how to glue baste along with other tips and tricks. Try them all until you find the method you like best.

Pivot Quilt Pattern - Modernhandcraft.com

Featuring fabric by Libs Elliot for Andover fabrics. I love how the black and white creates such a graphic punch. The pattern also compliments the design of the print with curves and sharp lines.

Pivot Quilt Pattern - Modernhandcraft.com

Featuring Eclipse by Cotton + Steel. I was excited to try a version using a darker background and vibrant shades. This Halloween fabric with hot pinks, purples and blues compliments the Black Essex linen nicely.

Pivot Quilt Pattern - Modernhandcraft.com
Pivot Quilt Pattern - Modernhandcraft.com

For Fall I made a beautiful cream and Carolyn Friedlander version that I am looking forward to quilting up soon. Cottoneer fabrics had this fun Polk collection with coordinating solids that looks great on a creamy white background. 

The Pivot Quilt comes in five sizes

  • Baby 40” x 50”

  • Throw 60” x 70”

  • Twin 70” x 90”

  • Full 80” x 90”

  • Queen 90” x 90”

  • King 100” x 100”

The finished blocks measure 10” x 10” so you can customize your quilt sizing however you like!

Pivot Quilt color combinations

One of my favorite things is playing with different color combinations with my Kona color chips. This combination on the feature quilt is a mashup of some of my favorite green, aqua and dark teal colors. The throw size quilt takes a total of 14 accent colors( fat quarters), along with a background fabric of your choice. Below is a list of the Kona solids used on the cover quilt along with some of my favorite combinations.

Aqua Green Palette(cover quilt)

 Honeydew / Wasabi / Pond / Cactus / Lime / Pool / Ice Frappe / Pickle / Kiwi / Ultra Marine / Candy Green / Grasshopper / Breakers / Grass Green

Rainbow Brights Palette

Mulberry / Cerise / Valentine / Lipstick / Flame / Azure / Aqua / Ice Frappe / Titanium / Quicksilver / Dove / Pickle / Peapod / Cactus

Lipstick Palette

Nectarine / Creamsicle / Carrot / Petal / Salmon / Candy Pink / Bellini / Ballerina / Coral / Pearl Pink / Cantaloupe / Corsage / Peach / Lipstick

Autumn Palette

Terra Cotta / Cedar / Gold / Yarrow / Ochre / Titanium / Quicksilver / Dove / Avocado / Peridot / Artichoke / Brick Cinnamon / Sienna

Pop of Color Palette

Titanium / Pewter / Overcast / Steel / Metal / Dove / Coral / Shitake / Shale / Shadow / Quicksilver / Ash / Salmon / Pickle

Apricot + Honey Palette

Gold / Yarrow / Ochre / Mustard / Butter / Salmon / Oyster / Ice Peach / Creamsicle / Cantaloupe / Peach / Dusty Peach / Canary / Grellow

Sweet Tooth Palette

Astral / Spa Blue / Baby Pink / Medium Pink / Waterfall / Oyster / Aqua / Azure / Carnation / Candy Pink / Honeysuckle / Blush Pink / Gumdrop / Dahlia

Thanks for stopping by today friends! As always I love seeing your work - be sure and tag me on social media using #pivotquilt.

- Nicole

Finished Quilts Pivot Pivot Quilt Quilt Pattern

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