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Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorial

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Hi friends,  

Today I am sharing a great beginner tutorial on how to make a Grilling Tool Roll, perfect for all of those grilling tools that might be sitting in a kitchen drawer with no home. This was first shared over on the Dear Stella blog, and I wanted to make sure to share with you all as well too!

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

My father in law is a big griller, and once I saw this new line Kiss the Cook by Dear Stella I knew I had to make something fun for him combining a couple of the fabrics. A grilling tool holder is something that he doesn't currently have and would be so useful for helping him stay organized. Follow along with today's tutorial and I will show you how you can create one of your own.

Materials needed:

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  • 1 - 18" x 29" cut of Grill Time in Red by Dear Stella

  • 1 - 18" x 29"  and 1 - 5" x 10" cut of Meat in Grey by Dear Stella

  • Fusible Fleece measuring 18" x 29" - quilt batting also can be used

  • Velcro dots - 3 pairs of dots or regular velcro cut into 3/4" squares

  • Sewing machine and notions ( cutting mat, rotary cutter, acrylic ruler, fabric marking pen, straight pins )

  • Coordinating thread


Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

You may begin by attaching your fusible fleece to your outside grill roll fabric, attaching to this piece keeps the outside smooth and wrinkle free. Trim any extra fleece from the edges.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

Lay your two 18" x 29" fabrics right sides facing each other and pin around the perimeter. Sew along the outside using a 1/2" seam allowance, making sure to leave a large enough opening to turn your project right side out.

Snip corners and turn right side out. Poke out corners and smooth flat with a hot iron, you may now sew around the perimeter of the grill roll using a 1/4" seam allowance making sure to sew the opening closed.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

Lay your grill mat on a flat surface lining facing up. Fold the bottom up about 6" and pin on the sides to hold in place. At this time you may want to use some grilling tools for reference to see how many sections you will need to make. If you do not have tools for reference I kept my sections measuring 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" wide. Using your fabric marking pen draw your sections out so you will know where to sew. Make sure to leave enough wiggle room so you will be able to fit the tools in the pockets easily.

At your machine stitch along your drawn lines making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of each line.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -
Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

Place your grilling tools inside the pocket organizer. You will have some additional room at the top that we can fold over to keep the tools from falling out during transport. To keep this fold in place while rolling up your tool roll you may want to place a couple of velcro dots at the top corners and also where the fold meets the inside of the grilling tool roll. Just fold over the top to see where to place your velcro backing.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

To keep your grilling tool roll closed we are going to make a long tab using the smaller 5" x 10"  piece of fabric we cut.

Begin by folding in the 5" sides 1/2" and press.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

Fold in half lengthwise to mark the middle of the piece.

Bring in each end to the middle and press, continue by folding this in half once more.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

At your machine stitch around the edges using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

With tools inside, roll up your grilling tool roll.

Place a velcro dot half in the middle like shown.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

Place the other side of the velcro dot on one end of your fabric tab, velcro in place and wrap around the roll marking in place where the tab ends. Pin this end in place with a straight pin so we will know where to sew.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

Remove all tools and at your machine stitch the edge of your closure tab in place to secure it.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

Also go back and stitch over each velcro tab to secure in place. Most of the velcro products are sticky on the back and are not strong enough to make it without a few stitches to keep in place.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

You are now finished! Fill with new grilling tools as a fun father's day gift or customize to fit special grilling tools that you already have.

Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -
Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -
Grilling Tool Roll / Tutorials -

Thanks for stopping by today friends and if you make one I would love to see it! Tag me @modernhandcraft in your Instagram posts or leave a link here in the comments with your project!


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  • Thank you for sharing your pattern with us! I haven’t made it yet,but will be doing so very soon.
    It looks so easy, thanks again.

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