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Denim Triangle Quilt

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Hi friends,

This might just be the longest WIP ever....well, one of the longest quilts for me to complete - The Denim Triangle Quilt.

Denim Triangle Quilt -

It all began in the summer of 2011 when I was pregnant with my son Grey. Growing rapidly I decided in haste or was it my nesting instinct, to cut up all of my pre-pregnancy jeans. I believe it was a total of 21 pairs, throw in a couple of my husbands which were beyond repair and I had my work cut out for me, literally. It took a while standing at the kitchen counter of our old apartment cutting the legs off, then the side seams and using my straight acrylic ruler cutting into 6" wide strips and then finally cutting into triangles. Then I put it all in a plastic target bag and let it sit there.

Denim Triangle Quilt -
Denim Triangle Quilt -

(Note to self, iron the quilt before taking pictures) Fast forward to when my son was just over 6 months old, I decided to sew the rows together. At the time I didn't know how to line up my triangles correctly to keep my points straight (click here for instructions on how to do it correctly) so the tips were cut off...but I was totally fine with it, because it was so heavy I just wanted to be done.

Denim Triangle Quilt -
Denim Triangle Quilt -

Fast forward to a couple of months ago when I finally decided that this quilt needed batting and a backing. For my backing I used a duvet cover from H & M home, a camo print, that was on clearance. Never really intending to use with the denim, I am really pleased with how it worked out. This quilt is now going to be our camping quilt, heavy duty denim with the camo is just perfect. Especially for those cold nights when you need a heavier blanket...and this is definitely heavy.

Denim Triangle Quilt -
Denim Triangle Quilt -
Denim Triangle Quilt -

I hope my son enjoys growing up with this one, and I will make sure that he knows that he is the reason this quilt was made, because without him...momma would still be rocking her skinny jeans! I think the trade off was more than fair...he is a keeper :)

Materials used:

  • 21-24 pairs of old jeans cut into 6" tall triangles (start saving those old jeans friends!)

  • Aurifil black thread - sewn down the middle points of the triangles

  • Cotton batting

  • Camo print backing and binding - duvet cover from H&M Home

Finished quilt measurements: 53" x 77"

Thanks for stopping by friends!


Denim Finished Quilts

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