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Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial

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Hi friends!

I love when a new fabric comes out for the kiddos because it makes me want to make all of the baby shower gifts. This is a revamp of my favorite bib pattern that I make for craft shows and for baby shower gifts. I added a color block front, that would usually combine two different solid fabrics to make a bold statement. Grab some of your favorite fabrics and let's get started!

Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial -

Materials Needed

  • 2 fat quarters of fabric
  • Fusible fleece
  • Coordinating thread
  • Bib template
  • Plastic Kam snaps or velcro
  • General sewing tools: sewing machine, scissors, rotary cutter and mat, straight pins, iron. 

Fabrics used on this project are by Timeless Treasures - Camp Cricket 


Print bib template making sure to print at 100% size. Cut out the template and line up folded edge of pieces A + B. Tape along line to join pieces together. Trace shape on a heavier cardstock for tracing multiple bibs.

For color block bib front, cut a piece of fabric measuring 4.5” x 10”  for the bottom of the bib, and a piece measuring 10” x 10”. Sew the two pieces together using a ¼” seam allowance taking extra care if using a directional print fabric. For the backing of your bib, cut a piece of fabric measuring 10” x 14”. 

Fold your bib front and back fabric in half lengthwise. Place template fold along the fold of your fabric. Trace shape using fabric pen and cut out shape. 

Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial -

Place your bib front on your fusible fleece rough side up. Trace and cut around the edges matching the bib. 

Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial -

Iron bib front wrongside to fusible side of fleece. 
At your machine, stitch along each side of seam of the color block section on bib. 

Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial -

Place fused bib front right side down on bib backing that is facing up. Pin around perimeter of bib with straight pins. 

Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial -

At your machine, start sewing at one side. Back stitch at beginning to make opening of bib more stable when turning right side out. Stitch around the perimeter of the bib taking your time around the sharp curves at neckline. Stop stitching about 3” from starting point, back stitching to end. 

Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial -

Slowly flip the bib right side out through the opening. Use a pointy object like a knitting needle or chopstick to help poke out corners. 

Iron the bib flat, carefully turning in opening. 

Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial -

Top stitch around bib, starting at the opening. Sew close to the edge for a clean look. 

Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial -

Attach Kam snap as instructed or cut a small square of velcro and sew at top of bib neckline.

Here are a few pictures of the entire set - you can coordinate your fabric choices to match a baby shower theme, nursery decor or seasonal!

Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial -
Color Block Baby Bibs / Tutorial -
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Happy Sewing friends!
Baby Bibs Bib Tutorial

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  • Where might I find the bib template or do I use a pattern of mine? Thank You. Love your quilts!

    julianne cerullo on

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