Southwest Modern Book Tour

Southwest Modern Book Tour
March 14, 2018 nicole
In Quilts

Hi friends,

I love reviewing books, it gives me a chance to get a sneak peek when they first come out and the opportunity to create something from the book. I especially LOVE reviewing books when a good friend of mine writes one – and today’s the day that I share Southwest Modern by Kristi Schroeder.

Lucky Spool Media, LLC: © 2017 Kurt Griesbach

Lucky Spool Media, LLC: © 2017 Kurt Griesbach

I met Kristi a few years ago and instantly hit it off – she’s one of the most genuinely sweet people you will ever meet and I felt like I had known her for years (funny how following someone on Instagram does that). We share a love of modern, minimalist, solid fabric, negative space quilting and have a pretty similar aesthetic as far as design goes. She shared her book writing journey with me from the very beginning, so I feel pretty lucky to have seen some of these designs from the moment she first designed them.

Lucky Spool Media, LLC: © 2017 Kurt Griesbach

The quilt I chose from the book is titled Cielo and is in the New Mexico portion of the book. New Mexico? Yes! Although Kristi lives in Texas she is a frequent traveller and lover of all things Southwest so this is also an impressive travel guide as well. She takes her journey through the Southwest region of the United States and captures all of the beauty of Santa Fe, White Sands, and Marfa to name a few. Kristi not only shares images of the amazing landscape but also of the quilts she has designed that were inspired by these areas. There is a total of 18 travel inspired quilts in this book and they range from mini quilts that you can whip up in a day to larger throw / bed size quilts. I hope you enjoy my take on the Cielo quilt below – I chose to use some of my favorite solids – Kona Flamingo, Yarrow, Black and an Alison Glass text print.

I kind of get a David Bowie vibe from this quilt – google David Bowie face paint if you don’t know what I’m talking about. The negative space on this quilt is what initially inspired me to tackle this project and then one I started making the quilt I was a bit shocked…. it took me just over 3 hours to cut, sew and press this quilt top. What?!!! It was a super quick make and I cannot wait to have this quilted. 

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Thanks for stopping by today and if you would like to enter to win a copy of Kristi’s book follow the directions below:

  1. Follow @modernhandcraft and @initialkstudio on instagram.
  2. Leave a comment below.

Contest is now over – our winner is Lauren Dalton! Thank you everyone for playing along.


Comments (50)

  1. Emily k 5 months ago

    Beautiful ! I love the colors you chose and I love that it comes together so fast!

  2. Cristen 5 months ago

    Good morning! I sure love your version! It is stunning. And it for sure is pumping out a Bowie vibe! Plus, who doesn’t didn’t love a fast make? I’d love to win a copy of Southwest Modern and make my own!

  3. Crystal Dooley 5 months ago

    This book looks like a must have! I love your fabrics!

  4. Robin 5 months ago

    Love this quilt! Definitely going to need this book.

  5. katiescheffers 5 months ago

    Super gorgeous – thanks for the chance! The book and quilt look amazing!

  6. Shannon Hahn 5 months ago

    I never would have thought to include Kona Flamingo and Yarrow in the same quilt but here they are and it looks amazing!!! Beautiful quilt, can’t wait to see how it gets quilted! This book sounds wonderful, I would love a copy 🤞

  7. Shannon Nelson 5 months ago

    One, this is lovely. I love a simple quilt pattern that lets you play with color. And two, you are freaking color genius. You are so good at pairings!!!

  8. CJ 5 months ago

    This is gorgeous! I’d love to make one on its side and have the points zig-zagging across the foot of my bed!

  9. Nicole 5 months ago

    Wow! I love your take on the Cielo quilt — stunning. I love Kristi’s designs, a whole book of her quilt patterns would be amazing!! 🙂

  10. C 5 months ago

    It’s beautiful! I always enjoy your projects.

  11. Tracie Weeder 5 months ago

    I love the simplicity of these designs. Simple yet such impact. Beautiful!

  12. Kristin S. 5 months ago

    Beautiful quilt! Stopped me in my tracks on IG and certainly inspiring to hear it’s a quick make.

  13. Diane M 5 months ago

    Your quilt is beautiful and looks fantastic on your couch even before it’s quilted. I love Kristi’s original version as well. I’m enjoying this blog hop and have moved her book up to the top of my wish list!

  14. dubudupdup 5 months ago

    The designs look so simple yet elegant. I would like to try something from this book.f

  15. Meaghan 5 months ago

    I follow both of you and love this colorway! There’s something so fab about ochre and pink.

  16. Ru 5 months ago

    I love this pattern and the use of color! What is that printed fabric?

  17. Alicia Round 5 months ago

    Beautiful quilt! I just love the colour combination!

  18. Cindy golding 5 months ago

    Beautiful quilts being shown from book.

  19. Andrea 5 months ago

    Wahoo would love to win a copy!

  20. Carolyn Marsh 5 months ago

    Love your choice of fabrics for this quilt. Gorgeous!

  21. Carolynann Marsh 5 months ago

    Beautiful quilt! The colors are spot on. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  22. Margaret 5 months ago

    Love your version. I think you need to reupholster your couch using the quilt. 🙂

  23. Sophie 5 months ago

    The design is fantastic and I love the flamingo and yarrow combination ! I would love to win the book. Thanks for the giveaway !

  24. Pamela 5 months ago

    Big fan of Southwest art and loving the translation into quilting! Beautiful.

  25. Anita 5 months ago

    Your quilt is gorgeous! I know exactly what you mean by a Bowie vibe, you are totally correct!
    I love the colors you chose for the quilt.

  26. Fiona K 5 months ago

    WOW! That’s gorgeous. Would love to try my hand at some of those patterns – such bold solids.

  27. anne d 5 months ago

    I love your quilt. I love every quilt on the blog hop so far so I think I need to buy this book.

  28. Haven 5 months ago

    I have been a quiet follower of your’s and Kristi’s for a few years now. I love the stunning and simple patterns you both create!

  29. June @ QuiltQuest 5 months ago

    Great new colors for your quilt! Hope you will share photo after the quilting too. Thanks for the chance. I clicked to follow on IG, but really don’t know how to do much more than that on it….

  30. Karen Oyerly 5 months ago

    I love everything I’ve seen in the book, and your quilt doesn’t disappoint! So bold!

  31. Mona 5 months ago

    Fabulous! Your photos are great as always and your promotion of this lovely book just makes me want one of my own. Thanks for always sharing your art so generously.

  32. Kayley 5 months ago

    I love this southwest feel, but it’s still current!! I would have never thought to put the orange and pink with the black, but it works 😍

  33. Fred W-J 5 months ago

    Marfa’s in Texas 🙂

  34. Sonicquiltplugs 5 months ago

    Those colors are amazing with your sofa! I’ve really been enjoying seeing some of the different quilts in this book. They’re all so beautiful!

  35. karen 5 months ago

    And sitting right next to your gorgeous quilt is your gorgeous hexie pillow! I’m loving that yarrow!

  36. Teresa 5 months ago

    This book looks amazing.

  37. Bailey Webb 5 months ago

    I want to win this wonderful book!! Completely obsessed!!!

  38. Jessica Joisten 5 months ago

    I was raised in west Texas and love the mod southwest vibe of this book! Would love a copy. Your creation came out fab.

  39. Susan Stanton 5 months ago

    I like your take on the quilt. The pink, gold, and black color combination are wonderful. It will be beautiful quilted!

  40. Dani Bourland 5 months ago

    Love this pattern and these colors so much! One of my goals this year is to work with more solids!

  41. Lauren Dalton 5 months ago

    Love this quilt!! And I love the colors you chose – they’re perfect! 😍😍

  42. Beth T. 5 months ago

    Your quilt is so striking, yet the colors are very warm and nurturing. What a great combination!

  43. Gigi Voegeli 5 months ago

    Thank you for a chance to win. I love your work.

  44. northshorequilter 5 months ago

    This book is amazing–such a fresh feel to it, and my winter weary body needs a shot of warm weather imagery!

  45. Stephanie F 5 months ago

    What a gloriously beautiful book that’s full of inspiration! I’d love to win this!!!

  46. Rhona 5 months ago

    I really like this one, love your color selection, really want to make this one.

  47. Ellen M. 5 months ago

    This book looks amazing! Love your project!

  48. Author
    nicole 5 months ago

    Via random number generator our winner is Lauren Dalton! Lauren I will be emailing you shortly for your shipping information.
    Thank you everyone!

  49. Cecilia Young 5 months ago

    Your book looks great! I follow both of you on Instagram as ceciliaquilts.

  50. Carol Miki 5 months ago

    This is my favourite pattern in my new favourite book. I love your version!

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