Kona Top 100 Club + Giveaway

Kona Top 100 Club + Giveaway
March 29, 2018 nicole
In Fabric

Hi friends,

I wanted to pass along a really great deal that is going on for just a few more days. Solid fabrics are my go to for quilts and having a great stash to pull from is so helpful so you can make something as soon as you have an idea!

Click on the image below to learn more information:

My friends over at Sewtopia – yes the same one that hosts awesome sewing retreats is in the fabric business now! Until the end of the month they are having sign ups for the Kona Top 100 Club.

Sewtopia will be highlighting the Top 100 Kona colors by popularity. When you sign up for this subscription, each month they will send you an “Episode” (14 – 17 half yard cuts) with a special post card highlighting the colors in the bundle. The first 25 people to sign up will get a FREE Kona Color Card *valued at $35* As an extra bonus, Club Members will get a 20% off on Kona Cottons during the duration of your membership.

The first bundle – in the description below – is an awesome super saturated traditional rainbow palette.

March: Episode 1 Rainbow Blast (Pilot)

Starring: Rich Red, Tangerine, Corn Yellow, Chartreuse, Clover, Turquoise, Royal, Navy, Purple, Black, Coal, White, Snow, Bone, and Chocolate

In the following months you can expect the following colors to arrive on your doorstep:

April: Episode 2 Sherbet Dreams

Starring: Baby Pink, Pink, Peach, Buttercup, Mint, Ice Frappe, Aqua, Candy Blue, Pansy, Shadow, Silver, PFD Bleach White, Eggshell, and Cream

May: Episode 3 All the Riches

Starring: Chinese Red, Cardinal, Terra Cotta, Wasabi, Tarragon, Grass Green, Pesto, Celestial, Delft, Storm, Marine, Steel, Pewter, and Stone

June:  Episode 4 Unicorn Dreams

Starring: Bright Pink, Pomegranate, Lipstick, Orange, Citrus, Sour Apple, Bluegrass, Breakers, Lagoon, Ocean, Deep Blue, Crocus, Ivory, and Sand

July: In Production

August: In Production

September: In Production

After its all said and done you are left with a fantastic solids stash to pull from – pull from it to add to your favorite prints or go crazy combining solids – one of my favorite things to do.

Kona Card + Modern Handcraft Pattern Giveaway!

I have a couple of Kona cards – one I keep with my pattern design notebook and the other has been sliced and diced and backed with magnetic sheets to stick to my design wall.

This brand new Kona card is up for grabs, courtesy of my friends at Sewtopia. All you have to do is leave a comment telling us what your absolute favorite Kona color is! This drawing is open to international entries so everyone gets a chance!  I will mail the Kona card and a few of my own patterns to the winner which will be chosen on Monday April 2nd.

Thanks for reading along and I hope you take the time to check out this awesome deal!

I am personally excited to see this Unicorn Dreams bundle that is shipping out in June.


For more information about the Kona card setup I currently have in my craft room – below are some Amazon Affiliate links that will take you directly to those items.


Comments (47)

  1. Corinne 3 weeks ago

    It’s hard to choose a favorite color, but I use a lot of ice frapp.

  2. Norma 3 weeks ago

    My favorite Kona colour is Pickle. Not only do I like the colour, but I love the name!

  3. Heidi Crockett 3 weeks ago

    It’s so hard to pick just one but I think corn yellow is my current favorite.

  4. Meaghan 3 weeks ago

    Favorite Kona color = FLAME!

  5. Rachel 3 weeks ago

    I love Wasabi!!

  6. Sarah Smith 3 weeks ago

    I’m a sucker for white and black (I know, so original)! But they are my go-tos. Citrus has been on my list for awhile for a pop of color in a binding though!

  7. Barbara 3 weeks ago

    So many great colors to choose from……it’s hard to narrow them down, but Pistachio is great, especially at this time of year when I’m craving green grass.

  8. Shannon 3 weeks ago

    Hmmmmm….it would be easier if you asked me to pick a favorite color. I have given this a lot (WAY TOO MUCH) thought and I think I’m going with…..Yarrow! Which totally breaks my ‘gimme all the blues’ position. But- i feel like Yarrow adds so much depth and interest to just about any color palette. Put it next to pomegranate or blue grass or shell or marine and it makes every color even better!! So there you have it.

  9. Jessica 3 weeks ago

    I love the wasabi!!!

  10. Mona 3 weeks ago

    My go to Kona is black. I haven’t used a lot of it. Thank you for the giveaway!

  11. Kimie 3 weeks ago

    Picking my absolute favorite is hard but I do love me some Pool. It’s just the perfect tropical blue-green.

  12. Fran 3 weeks ago

    I’ve been crushing on creamsicle and tulip lately!

  13. Ghislaine 3 weeks ago

    My favorite is ice frappe.

  14. Sarah Reyes 3 weeks ago

    My favorite Kona solid is Jamaica! It reminds me of the color of the water at the beach. So peaceful!!

  15. Sur 3 weeks ago

    Breakers is my favorite Kona color!

  16. Melanie W. 3 weeks ago

    I love basically all of the blues (blueprint and regal are two of my favorites), but persimmon is another color that I love!

  17. Julie 3 weeks ago

    Ekkk. I’m on a budget so I have been trying to resist, but I might just have to go for it. What a great way to build up some amazing solid colors in my collection. That tangerine is gorgeous and I would love the chance to win a color card and some of your lovely patterns!

  18. gibbylet 3 weeks ago

    Oh yay! My kona card is outdated by several years now! Kona peapod is my favorite go to green of them all, thank you so much for the giveaway!

  19. janequiltsslowly 3 weeks ago

    I have always loved the warm part of the rainbow and today I am choosing Daffodil as my favorite color! Thanks for the chance to win a color card!

  20. Tanja 3 weeks ago

    Hi, my absolut favourit color is Turquoise! 😊

  21. princessrr 3 weeks ago

    My favorite Kona color is Black. I have used it exclusively as my go to black since my local started carrying it. That has been over 20yr (?).

  22. Rachel 3 weeks ago

    My favourite Kona colour is Gumdrop!

  23. Jane 3 weeks ago

    I used Shadow recently and while I’m not sure I consider grey a colour, it is such a lovely soft colour. Great alternative background to Snow or White.

  24. Kris 3 weeks ago

    It’s hard to choose a favorite but I love blues…right now I love Lagoon!

  25. Gigi Voegeli 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for such a nice giveaway. I love your blog and work!

  26. Nancy 3 weeks ago

    Snow is perfect. In fact so perfect that I purchased an entire bolt.

  27. Judy Hudgins 3 weeks ago

    Like picking a favorite child! But today, it’s Sprout.

  28. Katie 3 weeks ago

    Corn yellow, probably! Thanks so much for the chance!!

  29. Rhonda Hunter 3 weeks ago

    Right now I find myself loving and using Ocean a lot, but Cerice is VERY close behind.

  30. Julie S 3 weeks ago

    I really like Holly but Aloe is also very pretty.

  31. Holly Hughes 3 weeks ago

    Black and white always have to be in my stash, but I have been loving wasabi for the past year. It’s not a color I expected to love, but I can’t resist how punchy it is!

  32. Stacy 3 weeks ago

    I’m all about the Tarragon right now. Thanks!

  33. Ann 3 weeks ago


  34. Michele Neal 3 weeks ago

    Lipstick. Great name and matches my couch!

  35. Holly Harper 3 weeks ago

    Watermelon is my fav color.

  36. LINDA 3 weeks ago


  37. Laci 3 weeks ago

    Citrus! The perfect cheerful color.

  38. Kristin 3 weeks ago

    I love a good green, and kona pickle is my favorite (wasabi is a close second)!

  39. Erica Friend 3 weeks ago

    Watermelon! It’s the perfect shade of bright pink!

  40. anne d 3 weeks ago

    I love so many of the colours but silver is my favourite for background fabric. The club looks awesome but shipping to Australia is always too expensive.

  41. Amanda 3 weeks ago

    Smoke. Pretty, warm gray.

  42. karenbolan 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing this club! I am so bad about labeling my colors so I don’t really know what they’re all called, but I did make one quilt with a lot of bone, and another with a lot of lagoon. I do really like both of those colors.

  43. Leah Bruton 3 weeks ago

    My favorite is black, makes everything pop!

  44. Tammie 3 weeks ago

    I like curry

  45. Cecilia Young 3 weeks ago

    The color I use the most is Snow. In fact, I buy it by the bolt! 😊

  46. Margaret 3 weeks ago

    My favorite Kona color is Curry.

  47. kml7559 3 weeks ago

    love Water – blue is my color

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