Cruella Deville Quilt

Cruella Deville Quilt
March 18, 2016 nicole
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Hi friends,

So happy to have you stop by today on my day on the Denim Studio Tour by Art Gallery Fabrics! The quilt I am sharing kind of happened by accident, totally not what I was planning on making – but once I felt the fabrics I knew exactly what to do!

The Denim Studio by AGF_ logo_ blue

Modern Handcraft // The Denim Studio Tour - AGF

I first saw the denim line at Quilt Market this last year, and was seriously impressed with how light it was while still looking just like denim – I was smitten!

Modern Handcraft // The Denim Studio - AGF

Quilting with denim in the past (click here for previous project) is a little tricky, the weights are all different and sewing through that bulk let alone quilting is quite a headache. This material is so perfect for quilting I wanted to share a project using the smallest pieces I could imagine – a fun improv quilt!

Modern Handcraft // The Denim Studio - AGF

This quilt is composed of several very skinny – just under an inch wide strips, sewn together in a transition from light to dark starting with Snow from Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Elements line – working through some of the Solid Smooth Denims in The Denim Studio ending with Caviar, another Pure Elements solid.

Modern Handcraft // The Denim Studio - AGF

I received my backing yesterday afternoon and upon looking at what I chose with the front of the quilt, I laughed….this quilt totally looks like Cruella Deville!

Modern Handcraft // The Denim Studio - AGF

Not only is the front half black and half white – like Cruella’s hair, but the backing material almost looks like a dalmatian dog print – it was perfect!!

Modern Handcraft // The Denim Studio - AGF

The backing material I chose because I loved the black and white print, and am a huge fan of Katarina Roccella’s line Avant Garde. The print I used is called Tentative Dot Ink.

Modern Handcraft // The Denim Studio - AGF

I love how you can fold this quilt on the dark side or the light side for a totally different look.

Modern Handcraft // The Denim Studio - AGF


Thank you so much for stopping by today – hopefully this inspires you to give The Denim Studio line a try!


For other great ideas on how to use these amazing fabrics check out #TheDenimStudiobyAGFon Instagram!



Comments (9)

  1. Amanda Johnston 2 years ago

    Wow Nicole! Stunning!!! This quilt totally makes want to run out and buy all the denim!

  2. Debbie 2 years ago

    Beautifully done! I love everything about it!

  3. Hayley 2 years ago

    Sensational!! I love it although I am going to be humming “Cruella Deville, Creulla Deville if she doesn’t scare you no evil thing will…..” ALL DAY LONG now 😉

  4. Lucinda 2 years ago

    I love them both! You managed to make denim contemporary & beautiful .

  5. Jenn 2 years ago

    This turned out so great Nicole. I love the color transition and the backing. Quite possibly the most perfect name ever given to a quilt.

  6. This quilt is a stunner! I love the design, the colors . . . absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Diane 2 years ago

    Beautiful quilt. I think the denims will be great for a quilt back I need to make. Thanks!

  8. Marie Z. Johansen 2 years ago

    This is one of my favorite modern quilts ever! Stupendous!
    I know that I could figure how how to make it but is there a pattern? If I don’t have to reinvent the proverbial wheel!
    Your choice for the back is rather perfect too.

  9. Ella 2 years ago

    You’re making me yearn to improv! This quilt is gorgeous!

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