Quiltcon 2016 Award Ribbons

Quiltcon 2016 Award Ribbons
February 25, 2016 nicole
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Some of you might have noticed a little hint of an award ribbon the past couple of weeks over on my Instagram account. On Thursday after the awards ceremony I was finally able to share what I had been working on so hard for the past month!

It was an honor to make the awards this year, the previous years were just perfect and I wasn’t really sure if I could pull it off. I was super thankful to the Modern Quilt Guild for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy the pictures of the ribbons for each category including best in show!

Modern Handcraft // Quiltcon 2016 Award Ribbons

Going by the color chosen for each category – or what was printed on the Spoonflower placing and category labels – I decided to stick with solid fabric choices with a pop of coordinating fabric on the first place winners to jazz it up a bit.

Best in Show


Hello hexies! They gave me the freedom to add my own little spin on them this year, along with the asterisk type fold-over behind the rosettes the Best in Show has the added Modern Hexie’s matching the modern quilt guilds color scheme.




Judges Choice


For the Judge’s choice awards I wanted to stick with each judges particular style. These were the most fun and most challenging to make.


A big thank you to Cloud 9 Fabrics for the beautiful fabrics for Lisa Congdon’s award ribbon. I wanted to stick with her own fabric designs and I think although a bit busy to most eyes, this one really was a favorite of mine.


Cheryl Arkison’s ribbon was a nod to her awesome improv style using some of the solids from the other ribbons.


For Scott Murkin’s ribbon I was a little worried on what to do. After a little research and reading an article he wrote about his love of stripes I knew instantly what to do.

Best Machine Quilting Frameless / Framed, People’s Choice and Freespirit Award of Quilting Excellence



Michael Miller Fabric Challenge / Glitz fabric


A big thank you to Michael Miller Fabrics for the beautiful assortment of Glitz fabrics for the Glitz Challenge quilt category.




EZ Quilting Triangle Challenge


I had a little fun with these, isn’t the triangle fabric just perfect?!





Minimalist Design



Small Quilts



Modern Traditionalism



Use of Negative Space






Youth Quilts









Group Quilts



Whew, so many ribbons right?! I am in the process on writing up an instructional pattern on how to make these, with options for rosette layers and the fun asterisk folded background so you can make them for any occasion you need to give an award!

Thanks for stopping by today friends!


Comments (38)

  1. Melissa averinos 2 years ago

    SO AMAZING. I got mine in the mail today and I can’t stop showing everyone the hexies. Love.

  2. Author
    nicole 2 years ago

    Thank you Melissa!!! I was so happy to see that one go home to you 🙂

  3. Jenny M 2 years ago

    Beautiful colours & designs! Congratulations to all the winners. It has been wonderful to see on social media photos of many of the amazing quilts.

  4. Lindsey Rhodes 2 years ago

    These are incredible! I love the thought behind each. Great job!

  5. Truly UNBELIEVABLE! I cannot believe you made all those and I can’t believe all the really amazing designs. I’m in awe! They are gorgeous.

  6. Cathy 2 years ago

    Wow, they look fantastic and I am so impressed by your creativity!

  7. Debbie 2 years ago

    Boy, they are really something! I was thrilled to get mine in the mail today! THANK YOU!!

  8. Alison Wood 2 years ago

    What fun rosettes, with so much thought and so much work going into each one. You have done a great job. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  9. Amy 2 years ago

    Thank you for doing a great job. I love my ribbon and will treasure it!

  10. Erin 2 years ago

    I’d love to see a tutorial for the ribbons–I’d love to see if we could make them for some competitions we have in our branch of the Irish Patchwork Society. You did an awesome job on them!

  11. Renee 2 years ago

    Oh wow seeing them all together! SO MANY RIBBONS! They are gorgeous, you did an awesome job. I am the proud owner of the Best Machine Quilting (frameless) and have been wearing it like an Olympic medal since it arrived home with my quilt. I seriously wish I could have won it AT QuiltCon too! Thanks for all your work!

  12. Kathryn 2 years ago

    I look forward to your tutorial

  13. Chantal 2 years ago

    Wow, this is impressive. I’m really looking forward to your rosette tutorial.

  14. Heather Black 2 years ago

    Those are amazing and looked great at the show. I’m looking forwarded to your tutorial!!! Beautiful work.

  15. Those are amazing, and so thoughtful! Truly a labor of love!

  16. Kari Anderson 2 years ago

    These are so beautiful and thoughtful. I love getting to see them all here on your blog and learning about your thought process. What amazing work! I am thrilled with mine, it makes me so happy!

  17. Holly 2 years ago

    These ribbons are stunning, Nicole! I love reading about the thought you put into the fabric choices. The Best in Show ribbon should have received its own ribbon!

  18. Carson Converse 2 years ago

    They all look amazing! Very well constructed. Thanks so much for the work you put into these.

  19. Stephanie 2 years ago

    How wonderful! You did an amazing job!

  20. Linda 2 years ago

    I just LOVE these ribbons! What a fantastic job! All the thought and finding the right fabrics, perfect designs. I am looking forward to the written instructions.

  21. Jennifer 2 years ago

    I saw Lisa Congdon’s ribbon come up on Instagram, and thought it was amazing. What an extra special treat for the award winners to receive these ribbons too. Looking forward to a tutorial on how to make them! I may have to make up some awards as an excuse to sew some ribbons.

  22. Ali M 2 years ago

    Wow those are works of art!

  23. Sondra 2 years ago

    Absolutely amazing work, Nicole! Beautiful gifts for the winners. You are so creative. Best to you! Sondra

  24. Valerie 2 years ago

    Hi Nicole,
    OMG Those are amazing!! Please, Please, Please publish a tutorial. My son has Autism and is competing in the Special Olympics in May and I would love to make those for him and his Special Needs Class. If you could email at either email, gfam107@hotmail.com or Diaryofanovicequilter@gmail.com, whenever you get that tutorial together i would really love to make them. The last time he competed he flushed his medal down the toilet..lol I don’t think he can flush the Quilted Ribbon… lol
    Thank You,

  25. Terrie 2 years ago

    These are amazing! I especially love the hexies and the asterisk folded backgrounds are really fun 🙂

  26. Jibiben 2 years ago

    Hi ,Im not a quilter .but i wish to be one and these badges ,the colour conbinations are amazing. God has blessed u with great creativity. God bless all ur efforts

  27. Author
    nicole 2 years ago

    That is so fantastic Valerie! I had hoped to have instructions up soon, but have been bogged down with sewing assignments. When you start to work on them, email me and I will walk you through how to make them.

  28. Author
    nicole 2 years ago

    Thank you Sondra, you are so sweet, I appreciate it!

  29. MC 2 years ago

    The ribbons are beautiful, and I’m sure each one will be cherished!

  30. Danielle 2 years ago

    LOVE your ribbons. So beautiful. Please share the tutorial when its ready!!!

  31. Author
    nicole 2 years ago

    Thank you so much Danielle, as soon as I have everything ready I will send out an announcement in the newsletter. Hoping to have time to make the project this month.

  32. Lisa in Port Hope 2 years ago

    A true work of art for each winner to take home. Well done.

  33. Mickey Beebe 2 years ago


    wow, Wow, WOW! I can’t believe all the ribbons you made. I was lucky enough to win one- 1st place for the triangle challenge. I had to THANK you!! I love the close up photo of my ribbon too.
    You did an absolutely gorgeous job on each and every one.

    Thank you so much!!

  34. Lee Jenkins 2 years ago

    These are simply amazing! I am anxiously awaiting a tutorial as I am busy making similar ribbons for my guild as thank you’s to recognize our board members. I can’t seem to get my rosette’s to lay down as beautifully as yours. Congrats on a job well done!

  35. Ophelie 2 years ago

    Your ribbons are beautiful! I saw one or two on pictures in my french quilt magazine and thought to my self that these ribbons seamed pretty cool. But the pictures were too small for me to see properly.
    What a great surprise to discover them on your blog and see how beautiful they are with all the close ups.
    And by the way I love all of your work!!!

  36. Mary Beth 1 year ago

    Hello! Great award ribbons! I was wondering is you were still going to release a tutorial for these? I have searched but cannot find the tutorial if you did! Thanks!

  37. Author
    nicole 1 year ago

    Hello and thank you so much Mary Beth! I am still planning on making it, but alas I am totally behind on most of my stuff. My apologies on my lateness. If you are looking to make some, email me and I might be able to help you out with some of the harder steps 🙂


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