Glitch Quilt

Glitch Quilt
February 9, 2016 nicole

Hi friends,

Sharing some projects this week that I am making for an upcoming handcraft show in Japan sponsored by Lecien fabrics. It is an extreme honor to be invited and I had so much fun creating some mini quilts and other fun small items for the event.

This first quilt is a new mini I created called the Glitch Quilt. Once I get caught up with all of the craziness this month has I hope to prepare a tutorial on how to create this exact quilt, using some other color combinations. (I will give you all a head’s up on when that tutorial releases, its so much fun to make).

Modern Handcraft // Glitch Quilt

This quilt features some of Lecien’s solid line called 1000 Colors Collection. I am a HUGE fan of solids and these are so saturated and soft they are a new favorite for sure. This is a part of a “sushi-roll” – what Lecien calls their jelly roll kits, in the blue green colorway.

Modern Handcraft // Glitch Quilt

Modern Handcraft // Glitch Quilt

I quilted this quilt in a close matchstick style alternating thread colors as I progressed through the quilt.

Modern Handcraft // Glitch Quilt

For the backing I used another amazing Lecien fabric, from their First of Infinity line, I love how the blues carry over to the back of the quilt and there is a fun little pop of text.

Thanks for stopping by today friends, and I hope that you enjoy all of the other projects that will be shown this week!


Comments (7)

  1. Hilary 2 years ago

    It looks awesome Nicole!

  2. Alison Wood 2 years ago

    Gorgeous quilt, gorgeous quilting! The quilting looks great, even really close up, you are very talented, Nicole. Look forward to the tutorial in due course. You might even get me to try curved piecing!

  3. Jenny M 2 years ago

    Love your mini quilt…the colours are lovely (even thou I am not normally attracted to blue) & your quilting adds such texture.

  4. Author
    nicole 2 years ago

    Thank you so much Jenny!

  5. Author
    nicole 2 years ago

    Thank you so much Alison!! The funny thing with this quilt is it appears to be curved but its actually from changing directions on my quilting and the machine pulling on the fabric (totally a mistake, but sometimes mistakes work) hahaha

  6. Author
    nicole 2 years ago

    Thank you Hilary!!!

  7. Jessica 2 years ago

    Those blues! Such a lovely quilt.

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