Scales // A mini Tutorial

Scales // A mini Tutorial
September 25, 2014 nicole

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a quick “how to” on creating scales from circles that are die cut – perfect for a pillow like shown in the project below or for a fun costume addition.

Modern Handcraft // Scales : A mini tutorial

Materials used:

Step 1:

  • Cut your pleather material into 5″ wide pieces to fit into your Sizzix machine. Make a Sizzix sandwich by layering a cutting mat – circle die facing up – layer of pleather – cutting mat and place in Big Shot machine. Roll through and repeat process until you have the desired amount of circles. If you are using fabric you can layer up to 8 pieces.

Step 2: 

Modern Handcraft // Scales : A mini tutorial

  • Starting at the bottom of your project – measure 2″ from the bottom and draw a line with a fabric pen or marker (I used a permanent marker – all of your lines will be covered with scales). Line up a row of circles keeping the right edge along the line to see how many you will need, set aside.   At your machine take your first circle – place the circle to the left of the line and sew along the right side with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Once you pass over the first circle line up your next circle and continue the process until you reach the end. **I also used my walking foot, which allowed the pleather circles to pass easily under.**

Modern Handcraft // Scales : A mini tutorial

  • Now that you have your first row finished you will need to take your ruler and measure 1″ from your sewn line – draw a line marking this like shown above. This will be where you will line up your new row of circles.

Modern Handcraft // Scales : A mini tutorial

  • Using the line as a guide,  place your first circle centered with the ones to it’s left. Stitch along the right side at 1/4″.

Modern Handcraft // Scales : A mini tutorial

  • Continue adding rows of circles, making sure to center each row against the one before to create your scales.

Step 3:

Modern Handcraft // Scales : A mini tutorial

  • Once your pillow is close to it’s desired size, cut your fabric along the top of your highest row. Trim along the sides of the pillow leaving 1/4″ along the sides. Now you can cut fabric for the backing, stitch around the perimeter and add a zipper or make an envelope backing, whichever is your preference.

Step 4:

Modern Handcraft // Scales : A mini tutorial

  • When you turn your pillow right side out after sewing around the edges, you will see that your top row will stick up like the picture above. You will need to secure the top row with a layer of glue.

Modern Handcraft // Scales : A mini tutorial

  • I find that tacky glue or hot glue to be the strongest for the task. Add just enough to cover the top half of the circle and press down. I also placed a heavy book on top of the circles until they dried to ensure that they stayed down while drying.

You are finished!

Modern Handcraft // Scales : A mini tutorial

Thanks for stopping by today friends!


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  1. Oh this is fabulous! A great housewarming gift for the men in your life too! I never would have though to work with vinyl/leather/pleather but now I’m going to have to give it a go! Love the cushions in the background as well. Brilliant!

  2. Author
    nicole 3 years ago

    Thanks Angie! I just recently started using pleather because I got it for a steal at Joanns using one of my coupons. It is so much fun and very forgiving to work with. Cuts like a dream too, so it is so easy to use in other projects. You should try it out, I promise you will have so much fun!


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