Fall Leaves Table Runner & Instagram Giveaway!

Fall Leaves Table Runner & Instagram Giveaway!
August 29, 2014 nicole

Hi friends!

Fall is almost here and it is my most favorite time of the year!  I am so excited to share a big project I have been working on using my Silhouette CAMEO machine – Fall Leaves Table Runner.

Modern Handcraft - Fall Leaves Table Runner // Silhouette CAMEO

I say big project because it literally fits my long dining table coming in at a whopping 84″ long!

Materials used:

No tutorial needed for this project because it was so so easy. Getting started with my CAMEO was a piece of cake and the two designs that I found for my project were only $.99 each.

  • Iron fusible interfacing onto the back of your fabric (wrong side).
  • Cut fabric to fit onto your cutting mat, I used the CAMEO 12″ x 12″ mat.
  • Lay fabric interfacing side down – I found it was easier to work with the paper backing in place.
  • Adjust the sizing of your pattern on your screen, easily omitting certain patterns or duplicating others.
  • Follow the directions on the right side bar for fabric with interfacing.
  • Feed your cutting mat into the machine and hit cut!

I then used a little hook tool to lift off each cut pattern from the mat along with the paper backing (this made for a faster cleaning of the mat later). I made a puzzle type pattern down the middle of my table runner fabric fitting the leaves together and ironed each in place. There was no need to sew around each individual leaf shape, instead I chose to do a tight straight line stitch over the entire table runner in a cream Aurifil thread.

Modern Handcraft - Fall Leaves Table Runner // Silhouette CAMEO

Modern Handcraft - Fall Leaves Table Runner // Silhouette CAMEO

Modern Handcraft - Fall Leaves Table Runner // Silhouette CAMEO

Modern Handcraft - Fall Leaves Table Runner // Silhouette CAMEO

My mom was visiting this week and we celebrated her birthday with some yummy cupcakes from Sprinkles, and they turned out to be the best table decor….and the yummiest!

Modern Handcraft - Fall Leaves Table Runner // Silhouette CAMEO Modern Handcraft - Fall Leaves Table Runner // Silhouette CAMEO Modern Handcraft - Fall Leaves Table Runner // Silhouette CAMEO Modern Handcraft - Fall Leaves Table Runner // Silhouette CAMEO

The only tips I have for using the machine and cutting fabric is it helps to dull the cutting pad a bit. When you first use it, it is quite sticky so placing a piece of denim or flannel to the mat and peeling it off a few times helps dull the stick just enough to make it easier when you are cutting and you need to remove the leftover fabric and interfacing pieces. I also found that keeping the paper backing on the interfacing while cutting made cleaning the mat much easier.

I absolutely love this machine and have so many more projects lined up. The online store is a bit addicting as well, since the designs are so inexpensive and there are many to choose from.

Here are some links to some other Silhouette CAMEO projects that I have recently made – enjoy!

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Modern Handcraft - Fabric Flowers and Ice Cream Cones Modern Handcraft - Fabric Flowers and Ice Cream Cones Modern Handcraft - Fabric Flowers and Ice Cream Cones

Dear Santa Letter Tray

Modern Handcraft - Dear Santa Letter Tray


Silhouette has an awesome deal for you to! They are currently having a great Back to School special where you can purchase your own Silhouette CAMEO machine and save $100! Head to SilhouetteAmerica.com/August and use code BACK2SCHOOL to save.

I am also having a massive giveaway over on Instagram this afternoon – be sure to stop by @modernhandcraft to see what we are giving away this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by today friends!


Comments (18)

  1. Amanda 4 years ago

    This table runner is gorgeous!! And your photos amaze me, such a talent you have my friend 🙂

  2. Laurel 4 years ago

    I’ve been obsessed with making one of these since I saw this post! My fabrics and interfacing arrived today, so I’m excited to get started. Just out of curiosity, what are the dimensions of your runner and how much space is between the edge of the leaves and the edge of the runner? I know I’ll have to make it to fit my table, but I’m curious about the “white space” dimensions. Thanks so much for this post! 🙂

  3. Author
    nicole 4 years ago

    Thank you Laurel!! There is about 1.5″ – 2″ of negative space on the ends and 4″ of negative space on the sides. I’m currently away from home for the week so I don’t have the exact dimensions of the width but I want to say it is around 15″ or so. You will find as you start to space out your leaves that any width works well – they fit together just like little puzzle pieces 🙂 So happy you are making this project and I do hope that you will share it with us when you are finished!!

  4. Author
    nicole 4 years ago

    Aww thank you Amanda!! You are so sweet, and I am so happy that you enjoyed this 🙂

  5. Laurel 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for taking time to reply! I will let you know how mine comes out. 🙂

  6. Laurel 4 years ago

    I have one more quick question for you. Did you have any trouble sewing through the adhesive? Did your needle get sticky? Thanks! 🙂

  7. donna c 4 years ago

    just thought i’d help…it’s very easy to sew through and what i like to do is start with a fresh needle. i like the Schmetz Microtex and Aurifil thread 50wt!
    i want to make one of these too! the cameo cuts fabric beautifully…super easy!

  8. Janell Kendall 4 years ago

    Question…. Does the cut fabric piece not fray?

  9. Author
    nicole 4 years ago

    Hi Janell! The fabric stays in tact pretty well if backed with a fusible backing, the adhesive keeps most of the frayed bits together. You can do a zig-zag stitch around each leaf or do a tight straight line stitch to keep most of the threads together as well.

  10. diana 4 years ago

    hi I just got my cameo and cant wait to use it( right) I did however used it the other day the first time with fusible on the back and liked to never got it off the mat also the second time the blade cut completely through the mat and I had to get a new one I adjusted to a 5 like it said to for lite cotton and im not sure about the speed and such I heard of any help would be so so great I have been looking so forward to using this machine
    thanks DIANA

  11. Ruth 4 years ago

    What kind if fusible interfacing did you use? How did you sew your lines so straight? I know you said it was easy to do but looks difficult, you did a fantastic job.

  12. Author
    nicole 4 years ago

    Hi Ruth! I used a no sew fusible interfacing, a heat n bond product to iron the leaves down. It helped keep the edges from fraying so much and the straight lines are just following along with my sewing foot on my machine. It takes a bit of practice…or a bit of patience to get the lines to stay straight. Thank you so much for your kind words and I hope you try the project out sometime!

  13. donna c 4 years ago

    First off….so happy to find your blog! I am finding my tastes changing to a more modern aesthetic these last few years and you provide a TON of inspiration! Thank you!
    I’m getting ready to make this and was reading over your post and saw that you mentioned leaving the paper backing on the fabric….did you mean you put it on the cameo mat with the backing still on? i’ve cut fabric with mine and never left the backing on, but it sounds like a great idea! if so, what did you adjust the blade setting to to accomodate the paper layer? (i know it will vary with each machine/blade set up, but just to give me a starting point:))
    thanks again! 🙂

  14. Jenni 8 months ago


  15. Author
    nicole 8 months ago

    Thank you so much Jenni!


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