Machine Stitched Hexagons

Machine Stitched Hexagons
May 19, 2014 nicole

Hi friends!

Super quick post here sharing a project that I was inspired to make after coming home from Quilt Market – a mini using the awesome free mini charm pack that Carolyn Friedlander was handing out at her booth.

Modern Handcraft // Machine stitched hexagons

A couple of you on Instagram asked how to make something like this so I wanted to share the link to the tutorial I made a while back so you could make one as well!

I used 2.5″ squares of fabric with the above template size for making my hexagons.

Modern Handcraft // Machine stitched hexagons


Modern Handcraft // Machine stitched hexagons

Modern Handcraft // Machine stitched hexagons
Modern Handcraft // Machine stitched hexagons

If you have any questions along the way email me or add a comment onto this post and I would be more than happy to help you out.

Share your work over in the Modern Handcraft Flickr group and over on Instagram using #modernhexies.

Thanks for stopping by friends!


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Comments (33)

  1. Material Girl Quilts 4 years ago

    Even more awesomeness with hexagons!!! Love it so much!

  2. Geri Smith 4 years ago

    Floating Hexagons?

  3. Valerie 4 years ago

    This is so great! I think this might be the only way I could do hexies -it seems a lot faster. So maybe a name that reflects that?! Hand piecing all the hexies together is what often deters me. Love this mini -looks so crisp and sharp!

  4. Susie 4 years ago

    Simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how you made this. I want to try this someday!

  5. Iva 4 years ago

    i love it! It’s so beautiful <3

  6. Christine Sherman 4 years ago

    this is so pretty and your quilting is perfect!

  7. Karina Kayes 4 years ago

    Oooh, amazing. You could call them ‘Flexigons’ – flexible hexagons.

  8. Lori M. 4 years ago

    Hello, love these, I like the floating title, how about appliquing floating hexigons…..

  9. Gina Maughn 4 years ago

    Yo-Yo’s sounds nice!?

  10. Alli 4 years ago

    I don’t have a name suggestion, but this is awesome! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  11. Barbara 4 years ago

    Very modern and hip. I would call it HIVE

  12. April Wells 4 years ago

    Great Idea!!! I think your hexie quilt is amazing. it’s like ticker tack quilting but way more nice and neat.

  13. Jude 4 years ago


  14. Author
    nicole 4 years ago

    I love HIVE – that really is a perfect name for it!

  15. I love this!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! ♥

  16. Author
    nicole 4 years ago

    Thank you Sally you are so sweet 🙂

  17. christina 4 years ago

    This is so pretty! I was looking for something to hang onto the bedroom wall, since it’s one big white space. This would look totally awesome! My BF agrees, since he’s also into abstract things 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I looked at your other stuff as well, and it got me to subscribe to your blog. You make great things ^^

  18. Tracy 4 years ago

    If you are still talking suggestions for a name how about “hexagon metrics” as in dot metrics.

  19. Amy Childs 4 years ago

    I made a mini quilt for my daughter’s dolls using your tutorial. I called it Floating Hexagons. You can see my post on it here –
    I linked back to you extensively. Thanks!

  20. callisueart 4 years ago

    Hi, I have just joined your site and am enjoying the eye candy very much. I thought of calling your lovely work “A palette of Hexies” as one can use so many different colors to make up the design. Thank you for sharing so much inspiration. Greetings from me in South Africa!

  21. iHanna 4 years ago

    SO rad!

  22. Author
    nicole 4 years ago

    Thanks Hanna! So happy that you liked this – was a fun project, hope you will try it out!

  23. Becky Bucci 4 years ago

    Be still my heart. Your work is stunningly beautiful. I used to live in Chicago two lifetimes ago. Miss the city.

  24. Author
    nicole 4 years ago

    Oh thank you Becky! I appreciate your comment so much, you are so kind 🙂 Yes, this city is quite wonderful….most months out of the year.

  25. lyn lewis 4 years ago

    You can never have enuf hexis lol and this is a great way to use them!


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