Halloween series – Candy corn bunting

Halloween series – Candy corn bunting
September 27, 2013 nicole

Hi friends!

Today I am sharing an easy tutorial on how to make a fun candy corn bunting! This is a perfect way to add a little Halloween decor to a mantle, window, or just about anywhere you can hang something.


Materials needed:

  • Orange, yellow and white fabric – for your candy corns. The fabrics I chose for this project are Timeless Treasures, Soho Solids in Orange, White and Taxi. I used a fat quarter of each color and it made around 14 of each color combo.
  • Also some backing fabric for each candy corn – I used solid white, but any Halloween printed fabric or solid would work great.


  •  You may decide to use a pre-made bias tape, if so go with a double fold bias tape.
  • OR you can make your own with a fun Halloween print. I chose another Timeless Treasures fabric – actually the one that inspired this project – Candy Corn.


 Instructions for Candy Corn:

  • Start by cutting your candy corn fabrics into 2.5″ strips, then sew together. I used a 1/4″ seam allowance on this project. I noticed after I had finished all of the candy corns that the color order in the actual candy corn fabric is White – Orange – Yellow, you may want to follow the correct order, or just stick with whatever order you like 🙂  I then iron all fabrics towards the darker color, so a bright color does not show up under the white.


  • I used a Wonder Triangles template to cut my triangles out. If you do not have one it is easy to cut out a simple triangle out of cereal box or cardboard to use as a template.


  • Cut all of your triangles out – you will now have two different candy corn color sets – some with orange on top, and some with white. I only used the orange topped ones in my bunting, and plan on using the other set later. You might decide to alternate candy corn colors – would be cute either way!



  • Now cut out triangles to use as the backing of your candy corns – I used a solid white fabric for this.


  • Lay a candy corn triangle right side up on your cutting mat and place a white triangle on top and pin in place. Time to sew your triangles together. Sew down each side, leaving the top of the triangle completely open.



  •  After you have sewn down each side of the triangle, leaving the top open – snip off the very tip. You will then turn these right side out and press. Lay your candy corn on the cutting mat and using your rotary cutter or scissors trim the top of the candy corn to even it up.

Instructions for Double folded Bias tape:

  • Cut 2″ strips of fabric. I cut mine from a yard of fabric – 45″ wide and cut three strips. If you are using a fat quarter or some scrap fabric, cut as many 2″ strips you need to reach your desired length. I then sewed my three strips together to create one long strip.
  • Below you will see the iron process
  1. A 2″ strip of fabric
  2. Fold the 2″ strip in half and iron creating a nice crease down the middle.
  3. Using the middle crease as a guide, fold each side inwards towards the middle crease and press.



  • Here you can see step 3 of ironing each side in towards the middle crease.


  • Now fold that back in half using the original middle crease and you are set!


  • You now have a lovely little roll of double fold bias tape – these can be used on all sorts of projects.


Connecting your bias tape to your Candy Corn:

  • Find the middle point of your bias tape, I evenly split my candy corn and pinned them 2″ apart from each other. Open your bias tape and lay each candy corn down inside the fold.



  • Pin in three parts to keep your candy corn secure.



  • Starting at the very end fold under and sew the end of the bias tape, continue with a 1/4″ seam all the way across each candy corn until you reach the other end where you will fold under the end and sew.



You are finished!!!

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Comments (8)

  1. Cathy Tomm 5 years ago

    Cute. Love to see how you did it, and what colours you used.

  2. Cari 5 years ago

    Great idea! These are so cute!

  3. Author
    nicole 5 years ago

    Thank you so much Cathy! It was an easy project and the fabrics just made it work perfectly.

  4. Author
    nicole 5 years ago

    Thanks for the sweet comment Cari! Really looking forward to getting these hung up on the mantle for real 🙂

  5. Rachel 5 years ago

    Aww, super cute! I would love to link to your bunting how-to if you didn’t mind.

  6. Author
    nicole 5 years ago

    Thanks Rachel! You are more than welcome to link back, thanks for spreading the fun!

  7. Lilly 10 months ago

    Just want to say thank you for the great idea! I work at a school and I am going to make your Candy Corn decoration for our class. I hope the kids like it!! Happy Halloween!


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